Club Wett closes its doors

The Laskaris family is out of the nightclub business — at least for now.

Club Wett, the Las Vegas-style nightclub owned by Nick and Eva Laskaris on Wisconsin Dells Parkway in Lake Delton, closed permanently Sunday night after operating there since 2011.

“It’s done — we’re done, done,” said Nick Laskaris, who also owns the nearby Mt. Olympus resort and theme parks, said Monday.

Club Wett’s website also was closed for business, and by early Monday afternoon the club’s distinctive road-side sign and its giant letters stacked one upon the other — and sometimes actually dripping with water — was removed from its location in front of the club on 1470 Wisconsin Dells Parkway.

Laskaris said he closed the club “for various reasons,” the foremost being that he did not believe it fit with the rest of his family’s resort and theme park offerings on the Lake Delton strip.

“It was not good for my resort guests — it didn’t fit well with my resort guests,” he said.

Laskaris and Mt. Olympus general manager Adam Makowski both said they weren’t sure what they would do with the building or whether they would ever try other, similar ventures. The club was unique in the area for its Vegas-style trappings, which included a dress code, adult-themed events and a building that sported various primary-colored, exotically sided facades over the years.

“I just wanted to clean everything up,” said Laskaris of the closing. “It (Club WETT) is not a good image for Mt. Olympus — the bar scene; bars are fine, and I wish the best for all of them, but it’s not for the Laskaris family and where we want to go.”

The club closed without warning to its employees Sunday night, leaving some of the suddenly jobless to post their frustrations on Facebook.

One of those employees was bartender Cassandra Burke, who worked for the club from the time of its opening and came to view Nick and Eva Laskaris “like friends.”

“I worked for the family for five years, I have been a wonderful employee to them, and I guarantee they will say the same thing,” Burke said. “I gave five years of my life and they couldn’t give me two minutes of their life to tell me I would be jobless, to tell me Wett nightclub was closing — all I asked was to hear it from their mouths, but I had to hear it from the manager’s mouth, which was not right at all.”

Laskaris said he didn’t give advance notice of the closing because it would have risked losing most of the workforce needed to keep the club open.

“What could I do — it’s pretty tough to close a business and give employees a warning and still have employees that want to work for the evening,” he said.

Laskaris invited affected employees to apply for jobs elsewhere in the Mt. Olympus complex, which covers much of the Lake Delton strip.

“We apologize to the employees — we offered (jobs) to any that needed a job, they are more than welcome to come in,” he said. “They basically work for the Laskaris family, and the Laskaris family runs Club Wett and Mt. Olympus, and unfortunately Club Wett closed.”

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