Could Patriots bring in Chip Kelly for playoffs, make him next OC?

Could Patriots bring in Chip Kelly for playoffs, make him next OC?

The San Francisco 49ers announced on Sunday night that they have fired head coach Chip Kelly, but could he still land a job working for a team during the postseason?

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe wondered out loud on Monday if the Patriots will bring in Kelly as an offensive assistant for the playoffs. And if offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels leaves to take a head coaching job after the season, Kelly could potentially step in to fill his role.

As Volin noted, the Patriots did the same thing with McDaniels back in 2012. Then-offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien had taken a job as the head coach at Penn State, and New England brought in McDaniels for the playoffs and eventually gave him his old job back.

We all know how much Bill Belichick hates distractions, so the prospect of being repeatedly asked about Kelly may deter him from making the move. It’s also possible that Belichick doesn’t think Kelly could help the team at this juncture.

That said, Belichick and Kelly have always had a mutual respect for one another, despite the sarcastic comment Chip made earlier this year about their friendship. Belichick was about as candid as you will ever hear him when he defended Kelly following the coach’s dismissal from the Philadelphia Eagles. It wouldn’t be shocking to see the two working together at some point.

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