Dallas Stars Season Countdown: What To Do While You Wait

The NHL regular season is right around the corner and Dallas Stars fans are itching for some high-quality hockey. Before the puck drops, though, there are a few things fans can do to prepare.

In less than a month the Stars will take the ice and the 2017-18 season will begin. Given all of the changes that will inevitably impact the team this year, it’s important to prepare.

Get familiar

Jim Nill made some major moves this offseason. He removed Lindy Ruff as the head coach and replaced him with Ken Hitchcock. He acquired and signed a number of players at each position to make the team more well-rounded. He essentially transformed the Dallas Stars into the team he’s always wanted them to be.

With all of those changes, though, comes confusion for fans. It can be extremely difficult to keep up with who’s who, especially with the number of changes Dallas has undergone lately. Before the season starts, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the roster.

That doesn’t mean just knowing names and numbers of new arrivals – it means going out of your way to watch videos, read articles and study new additions. Have conversations with fellow fans about possible line combinations, learn the playing style of players you’ve never paid too much attention to before. At the end of the day, it will make you a better fan and allow you to be prepared for the season ahead.

Gear up

Part of the joy of being a fan is showing the pride you have in your team. With new Adidas items taking over the NHL, it’s the perfect time to invest in more victory green for your closet.

If you’re a new fan and have nothing to represent the team, now’s the time to start a collection. The league does a great job of creating something for everyone, so you’re bound to find the perfect Stars item to suit your needs.

Whether that means buying a new jersey – decked out with your new favorite Stars player – or simply adding a hat or t-shirt into the mix, adding more Dallas gear to your collection is a great way to prepare for the 2017-18 campaign.

Buy in

After you’ve become familiar with the newest additions and invested in Stars gear, you’re ready for the third and final step of prep: buying in.

Dallas is set to take the league by storm with skilled, exciting players at every position. They’re looking to implement a new system that challenges new and old alike, which will undoubtedly transform their position in the league.

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Teams won’t know what hit them when the new and improved Stars hit the ice, and fans should be confident that the team knows what they’re doing. Although it certainly won’t all be smooth sailing for a team that’s changed as much as Dallas this offseason, they’re destined to be a fun club to watch. And that is something everyone can buy in to.

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