Just Look At Some Pictures Of Alpines Testing In The Andes

Just Look At Some Pictures Of Alpines Testing In The Andes


We’ve been pining over the lithe and lovely Alpine A110 for a while now, even though we know damn well we’re never going to get it here in these States, United. The Alpine isn’t expected to start being delivered until 2018, but one of our hawk-eyed readers spotted a pair of preproduction ones cavorting around the Andes.

According to our Alpine-spotter, the cars were in Argentina, behind a restaurant off of Route 7, a road that goes from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile. He said he thought the cars had been in that area for over a week.

I guess this is likely some sort of high-altitude testing of some sort?

Man, I’m really taken by these things. Renault really needs to rethink why they’re depriving us Americans of these. Can I complain to the United Nations, or something?

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