Hockey fans swear constantly, and the Bruins do it the most

Congratu-<redacted>-lations to the <redacted> Boston Bruins, the swearin'est team on <redacted> Earth.

Earth in this case — and somewhat terrifyingly — is Reddit; user "Niehaus" calculated which of the site's team- and sport-specific communites most frequently said seven specific varieties of swears. The Bruins' subreddit came in first out of 216 competitors; more than 1.6 percent of all typed words there are bad, according to Niehaus' data.

That's a solid showing. Notice that five of the other top eight — again, of 216 — are NHL teams; Boston, the Rangers, the Flyers the Blackhawks and the Blues. The average NHL post overall came in at No. 38, beating out the NFL (46), MLB (55) and NBA (78).

(For a larger view, drag the charts into a new browser tab.)


There's hockey team-specific data, too. The Flames are the highest-charting Canadian team, at 13th. Hurricanes, Panthers, Sabres and Jets fans have apparently had the anger beaten out of them. Preds fans say "dang" alot, maybe.


There are more charts and a longer explanation of the methodology at r/dataisbeautiful. Poop!

(Source: @freakonometrics)

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