GAMEDAY: No. 17 MSU at No. 11 Georgia

HALFTIME: Georgia 14, MSU 3 

MSU is averaging 3.6 yards per play and has an average to-go distance of 3rd and 5.9. No bueno. 

Nick Fitzgerald: 10-18, 64 yards; 8 carries, 30 yards 

Aeris Williams: 8 carries, 20 yards; 4 catches, 10 yards 

Donald Gray: 2 catches, 13 yards 

Keith Mixon: 2 catches, 8 yards; 1 carry, 11 yards 

Deddrick Thomas: 1 catch, 21 yards 

Jesse Jackson: 1 catch, 12 yards 

Dez Harris: 9 tackles, 1 forced fumble 

Mark McLaurin: 5 tackles 

Tolando Cleveland, Johnathan Abram: 4 tackles each 

J.T. Gray, Jeffery Simmons: 3 tackles each 

Marquiss Spencer: 1 tackle for a loss 

Jamal Peters: 1 fumble recovery 

- I agree with most of Twitter that MSU needs to get a little more creative with the playbook here, but I'm not sure exactly where to go. The offensive line has gotten better over the course of the game but has not gotten to the point like it was against LSU where you feel like you can run anything and it will work. MSU seemed to have something throwing to the perimeter (not including screens) at one point, is that the answer? Just enough to open up the middle-of-the-field passing that can destroy defenses? 

- Georgia's offensive line is MSU needs more, and a lot more, from its defensive line to mount a comeback. 

- Not including the brief Georgia possession that ended the half, the MSU defense has only had one positive possession: the punt that gave MSU the ball for its field goal drive. (The drive that ended in the controversial fumble went 44 yards in six yards: happy ending to an unfortunate series of events, if you ask me.) Also, the MSU offense continues to get better, but still not quite at its best -- obviously, with no touchdowns on the board.

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