NHL orders independent medical exam for Joffrey Lupul

The saga that is the health of Joffrey Lupul and his failed physical with the Leafs isn’t over yet. The NHL has ordered an independent medical exam to determine if Lupul is physically fit to play hockey again.

Earlier in the month Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul failed his physical. Since then he has stated that the Leafs are ‘cheaters’, and then rescinded his comments, apologized and stated he isn’t seeking a second opinion.

Following all of this, the NHL has come out and ordered that Lupul get a medical exam to determine if he is physically fit from an independent party.

Earlier in the week Lupul got himself into some hot water when he responded to Instagram comments on his health. Lupul wrote on Instagram, “Haha failed physical? They cheat, everyone lets them.” He then commented again, “I’m ready.. Just awaiting the phone call.”

He later deleted these comments from Instagram.

Lupul hasn’t played in the NHL since 2015-16. He missed the final 31 games that season after getting sports hernia surgery. He was not physically fit enough to play last season either. Whether or not he can finally return to NHL ice in 2017-18 is now up in the air.

If Lupul is deemed as physically unfit to play, this will allow the Leafs to put him on LTIR. This will allow the Leafs an extra roster spot, but will still have bigger implications on their cap. The Leafs are currently $4.579 million over the cap ceiling.

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Lupul has been a part of the Leafs organization since 2010-11. Since then he has played in 280 games for Toronto, never playing in a full season. He has scored 88 goals and added 94 assists to his Leafs totals.

Lupual has played in 701 career games in his NHL career, scoring a total of 205 goals to go along with his 215 assists. He has never played a full season during his career.

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