This is Issac Newton. In addition to discovering gravity, he developed quadratic equations and famously invented the number ‘3.’ "It was an obvious thing to do" he would later explain, "there was such a big opportunity between 2 and 4. It was only a matter of time between someone closed the gap."

Much like Newton, the Nation Network has also advanced Science by 100 years – bringing leading salary website NHLnumbers.com into the fold.

NHLnumbers.com is a leading salary resource website, curated expertly by a mysteriously anonymous Calgary engineer. For years he has prided himself on maintaining some of the most accurate salary information available.

"How much did Andrew Ebbett in Phoenix make last Tuesday night?" you have wondered. This guy just knows it off the top of his head. For everyone in the league.

And so a few years back he put his passion onto the interwebs for all to enjoy, building NHLnumbers.com into one of the best salary sites around.

Citizen Alpha and Pokey K have been busy rebuilding NHLnumbers.com and giving it a sexy new look. This is the first stage of three that is going to include expanding its utility to include player statistics and finally including the advanced analytics that are so popular with the mathematical set these days.

It’s time this knowledge is dragged out into the light of day and the rest of us can benefit from it’s advanced learnery.

In the meantime the size and reach of NHLNumbers.com will allow us to trick more and more readers onto the Network. As readership grows, Canadian workplace productivity declines until we are left with a squeeing mass of people ready to drop the mitts at the mere mention of cheerleaders in an NHL building.

And then we will consider this a job well done.

Here is a video of crazy car stunts from the Middle East. Look at em go!

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Source : https://oilersnation.com/2010/10/25/nhlnumberscom-joins-the-nation-network/

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