Bill Belichick takes blame for one of Dolphins touchdowns

Bill Belichick takes blame for one of Dolphins touchdowns

Most things went right for the Patriots in Sunday's 35-14 victory in Miami. But something was definitely amiss on the Dolphins' third-quarter touchdown when receiver Kenny Stills ran wide open through the middle of the Pats defense for a 25-yard scoring strike

At the time, Stills' visit to the end zone cut the Pats' lead to 20-14. The wideout zipped by linebacker Kyle Van Noy down the middle, with no Patriots defender behind him, before he pulled in a Matt Moore pass. Safety Devin McCourty was stationed at the left side of the end zone, out of reach.

What went wrong?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick, in explaining the play today during a conference call, shouldered the blame. The pattern was supposed to be covered, only it wasn’t.

“I think that play was probably more my fault than anybody else’s,” Belichick said. “There were certainly things that could have been better on it, but in the end, we have some flexibility in our coverages, and we make adjustments in coverages from time to time, based on a formation, or based on the type of pattern the team’s running. I think this was just one of those where the players were trying to do the right thing, we were trying to get to something that would have helped us, but it didn’t work out.

“Again, it’s probably more my fault because we just didn’t have it clean enough. It just wasn’t presented well enough. They didn’t understand it, and it obviously didn’t play out the way we wanted it to. The players were trying to do the right thing, they had the right idea, we were trying to apply something, and we just didn’t have it quite right. It goes back to me more than anybody else. I’ll take that one.”

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