Pete Carroll pokes fun at Bill Belichick tablet situation

Pete Carroll pokes fun at Bill Belichick tablet situation

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has no more time for Microsoft's tablets and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and his team had no problem having some light-heared fun at his expense.

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After all, they had to defend one of the pillars of the Pacific Northwest, co-founded by the man who writes their checks, Paul Allen. 

"I was really going to talk about the tablets," Carroll responded on Wednesday instead of answering a question about Luke Willson's knee surgery. "I don't know if it's because we're so close to home base but shoot, I think the quality of our stuff's been great."

It didn't take long before a reporter revealed Carroll was all talk and pointed out he doesn't actually use the tablets. But, that didn't deter the newly-anointed Miscrosoft pitchman from his talking point.

"No, I'm not one that looks at tablets but I do love them -- great quality," he said.

The fun didn't stop there. Cornerback Richard Sherman was asked his opinion on the tablet subject during his  Wednesday press conference. He knew what the angle was immediately.

"Do you want a Belichick response?" he quipped.

However, Sherman brought legitimate light on the subject by pointing out the tablet was just a glorified picture book. It's the same thing as flipping through the printed-out copies of still shots. Instead of flipping, you swipe. However, the NFL did experiment in the preseason with a video option, which Sherman insisted helped the offense more.

On this occasion, he got agreement from wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who also dove into the tablet discussion at his Wednesday presser.

"It might. As an offense for video purposes, I get to see the moves that the defense is making while we're going through our plays whereas the defense it's really just reactionary; so I would probably agree with that assessment," Baldwin said when asked if Sherman was on to something.

But there's got to be someone on the team who feels like Belichick? Right!?


And, it's exactly who you'd expect. 

"[Safety] Earl [Thomas] likes the paper copy," Sherman revealed. "I don't think he's technologically adverse but sometimes you have a hard time swiping it with the gloves on. So you got to take your gloves off and do all that and he doesn't feel like doing all that."

If it's all the same, why even waste the money on the tablets? Baldwin had a Seattle-conscious answer at the ready to that question.

"I think it's easier for our staff to have the tablet because they can just shoot it to the tablet instead of having to go print it out and it also saves paper if they want to be conscious about that," he said.

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So clearly, Bill Belichick hates the environment. Hey, Doug Baldwin said it.

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