The Philadelphia Phillies are staying quiet

The annual Major League Winter meetings are always entertaining for baseball fans across the country.  Sure, free agency starts a few days after the World Series ends the real juicy story lines begin to develop during these meetings. Just a few days ago, we watched the Yankees acquire Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins which will absolutely shift the balance of power to the Bronx for the foreseeable future. Rumors are still swirling about Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez, as teams begin to prepare for the 2018 season. As general managers and owners are opening up their checkbooks, the Philadelphia Phillies front office have remained mostly silent and that for the future of this organization is the smartest decision they can make.

The Phillies did sign Pat Neshek again, as he will now make his second go around with this team after being traded right before this season’s trade deadline to the Colorado Rockies. They also “maybe” signed reliever Tommy Hunter but it doesn’t seem as though this has been confirmed by the team or the player as of yet. Both of these signings will help this franchise, as now their bullpen seems to be a huge strength. Both relievers have had success in the past few seasons but neither one of these players will put the Phillies over the top or even in contention for the World Series in the next three years.

For the sake of the future of this organization, the Phillies front office should continue to remain silent on signing the huge free agents that are still available. Jake Arrieta, Manny Machado are among the big names that are still available but acquiring these big named talents at this stage of the rebuilding process would not be beneficial for the Phillies front office. Entering 2018, the Phillies have too many holes on their roster for them to compete for the NL East crown.  he lack of success this team had in 2017 along with the young players struggling to find their footing became the story line for this franchise. Gabe Kapler, who is entering his first year as manager has the daunting task of developing the young core while maintaining a competitive balance for this team. Signing big named free agents would not be beneficial as this would put even more stress on the first year manager.

Saving the free agency money for next year is the smartest move for this front office as they do not have the talent to compete this year. Barring any huge miracles, the Phillies are more then just a few players away and having a huge contract for the next several years will put a damper on the rebuilding process. If the Phillies continue on the path of drafting smart and developing the young cheap players this team’s ceiling could be sky high. If the Phillies decide to spend they should continue on the path of giving out short term contracts to save themselves some flexibility. The fans deserve a competitive team but patience should also be in the cards for this fan base. If so another parade can be in the works for this city.

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