TicketMaster, NHL sign ticket exchange deal

LOS ANGELES -- Looking for that hard-to-get ticket for a sports event? USA Networks-controlled Ticketmaster debuted its TicketMaster Marketplace, with the National Hockey League's Columbus (Ohio) Blue Jackets as the first participant.

A Ticketmaster spokeswoman said the company plans to add three or four venues to the marketplace by the end of the second quarter.

With this new online ticket exchange, Blue Jackets season ticketholders can sell unwanted tickets on line, at www.bluejackets.com or at www.marketplace.ticketmaster.com, to fans at a posted price.

Once the transaction is completed, the original ticket is canceled and a new ticket, with unique bar code, is e-mailed to the buyer, who can print it out.

Source : http://www.travelweekly.com/Travel-News/Travel-Technology/TicketMaster-NHL-sign-ticket-exchange-deal

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