Wings’ Abdelkader dons face shield for broken cheekbone

Wings’ Abdelkader dons face shield for broken cheekbone

Tonight, the Red Wings are ... team as well. We don't have a lot of guys that look like him, so he's an important piece for us." Abdelkader looks a little different these days as he is wearing a full face shield to protect his broken cheekbone.

Its wings and legs must be broken ... my cheek, and I am singing at the top of my lungs. “I was thinking Sally,” my mother says. She doesn’t have to say Texas Chain Saw. There is no other Sally. “But Sally is blonde,” I say. “I don’t know.

Detroit — Justin Abdelkader was back on the ice Monday, but you had to do a bit of a double-take to recognize him. Trying to protect a fractured cheekbone Abdelkader was wearing at Monday’s practice — and will continue to wear — a face shield. Wings’ Abdelkader dons face shield for broken cheekbone

DETROIT - Justin Abdelkader returned to practice Monday wearing a football helmet-style facemask to protect his fractured cheekbone and lamented "another injury to add to the list." This one, at least, caused the Detroit Red Wings forward to miss only one ...

You don ... face at the Joe in 1986. He went to the hospital and needed nearly 300 stitches to close cuts that snaked above his right eyebrow, between his eye and his nose and down his cheek, almost to his mouth. In his book “Hockeytown Doc,” former ...

“It was pretty deep too in the cheek area, so we decided it was best to ... Miller practiced Wednesday with a full face shield and hopes to play Thursday when the Wings host the Boston Bruins. “I would like to play (Tuesday),” Miller said.

Wings flapped, beaks opened, clawed feet flailed ... While my son craned his neck to look at the bumpy thing hanging from a tree branch, I chewed my cheek, scanning around wildly. But there was nowhere to go. We were surrounded by a steep hill and thick ...

So, to take our minds of the lockout and in the spirit of Halloween, here is a look at the 50 most gruesome injuries in hockey history ... for Fontinato was a broken nose, a broken cheekbone and a dislocated jaw. In essence, his face had to be rebuilt.

I don ... Red Wings. “I was lucky to be able to play,” Phaneuf said, his cheek still swollen. “I’m very fortunate nothing was broken. It’s always scary when something like that happens. It still hurts.” Phaneuf was hit in the face by a ...

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